Ames: A City with Unlimited Possibility

Located in the heart of Iowa, Ames is a growing metropolitan city that still exudes small-town charm. Home to Iowa State University, a leading public institution with agriculture, design, engineering, and veterinary medicine colleges, the city proudly prioritizes education and is also a major hub for emerging technology and progressive businesses.

Additionally, Ames enjoys natural, tranquil landscapes that are preserved through its 36 parks, 55 miles of bike trails, and vast, open Midwestern skies. A blossoming arts community thrives in the city with artisanal breweries, a vibrant music scene, and local galleries and boutiques. Experience the best of both worlds in Ames, Iowa!

Prairie West is perfectly situated in North Ames, just a 5-minute walk from the Iowa State University campus. The area boasts an abundance of nearby dining, shops, wellness, and entertainment. The friendly neighborhood is located near several parks and golf courses, supplying endless outdoor entertainment. Interstate 35 is just 10-minutes from Prairie West, giving you seamless access to the rest of Iowa and beyond.